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Literary Symposium on Child Care and Protection

09 08 2018 - 05:20 AM

The Department of Probation & Child Care Services is an institution operating in relation to the Nation’s Children’s Security and Protection. This Department has planned to hold a literary symposium on the research work being conducted by various institution and professionals in the child care field.

The main objective of this conference is to identify methods and opportunities in the implementation of the new findings and recommendations containing in the researchers conducted and this is scheduled to be held in the month of November, Year 2018. It is expected in this, to implement new programmes obtaining your valued contributions in the security and protection of the child.

Researches conducted and published by you or your institution during the last 03 years relevant to the child security field can be accommodated in this literary conference and calling for research summaries have commenced.

· Your Research Summaries should be limited to around 1500 words and can be submitted in Sinhala / Tamil or English language.

· A Panel of Experts will evaluate the Research summaries required and opportunity would only be given to selected studies having a literary value.

Your Summeries could either be sent by registered post addressed to Commissioner,Department of probation & Child Care Services, 03rd Floor, Stage 2, Sethsiripaya, battaramulla or by E mail – or can personally delever to the office. The left side top corner of the coves containing the summaries or on the subject line of Email should be marked “Literary Symposium on Child Care and Security”.

Acceptance of summary entries will be closed on 31.08.2018.

For further details, required, Contact on the following

Telephone Nos. 011 2186062 / 011 3082483.



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