Department of Probation and Child Care Services

Ministry of Women, Child Affairs and Social Empowerment

Establishment of Vocational Training Facilities at Existing Certified Schools to Provide Training fo

According to the information obtained from the nine provinces, there are around 14000 children in institutions and of them, around 4000 are above the age of 16. Studies have revealed that majority of institutionalized children do not qualify for higher education and happen to stay in institutions due to inability to survive economically as they are not skilled/trained to do a job/occupation.


Provincial Probation departments provide some trainings and conduct courses for children under institutional care and this training varies from province to province. Thus, the department decided to provide a more systematic vocational training to these children with a higher recognition. In order to fulfill this, the department joined hands with National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA).


Potential centers that are to be developed as training centers will be identified by the Provincial Probation Departments with the coordination of NAITA. Upgrading the identified centers as vocational training centers will be done by the Provincial Departments with funds allocated to them. NAITA provide the technical support and Human Resources necessary to conduct the Training Courses.


Objectives of providing this training to institutionalized children are,


· Empowering institutionalized children of 14-18 of age with vocational training to facilitate the re-integration process

· make ease the re-integration of children who complete the age 18

· engaging the institutionalized children who discontinue formal education, in a more productive task



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